Pepián de Pollo

One of the most renowned conventional dishes of Guatemala is Chicken Pepián otherwise called Pepián de Pollo. It’s of native Mayan beginning as it highlights toasted squash seeds, chicken, tomatoes, and chiles, fixings normally found in the high countries of Guatemala.

Albeit the actual country lies at a southern scope — arranged among Mexico and El Salvador — the height of the volcanic mountain slopes of the good countries implies temperatures are frequently cold particularly at the night. This implies that stews, soups, and other warming dinners are particularly welcome.

While bona fide plans for pepián de Pollo differ among families and eateries, pepián is by and large a delicately flavored, annatto-tinted, thick pureed tomatoes containing bits of chicken and an arrangement of vegetables, for example, huisquil (chayote), green beans, and potato. It’s normally served in an earth or stoneware bowl close by white rice, avocado, and hand-made corn tortillas.

Similar to numerous other conventional Guatemalan dishes, the best spot to test pepián is in somebody’s home in Guatemala (or at many individuals’ homes so you can encounter the local contrasts!).

Be that as it may, in case you can’t score a challenge to feast with a neighborhood family then your smartest choice is to search out a café serving Comida tipica — commonplace food. In the memorable pilgrim city of Antigua for instance, Sabe Rico café serves a rendition that is exceptionally respected while Kakao eatery is famous among guests to the capital of Guatemala City.

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