In case you’ve been to Louisiana, odds are you attempted a shrimp Po’Boy, étouffée, and obviously a decent crayfish bubble! Yet, have you attempted boudin?

The main thing better than eating boudin in Louisiana is saying it, with a southern twang. Articulated boo-dan in Louisiana, this heavenly wiener is generally made with pork, Louisiana rice, other arranged pork parts like hearts and livers, and flavors stuffed in a characteristic pork packaging. Plans for the proportion of meat to rice and how everything’s prepared to change broadly from one spot to another.

We’ve had it in a customary manner in Lafayette, and furthermore made with shrimp or crayfish. Then, at that point, there are boudin balls which are regularly presented with decent nearby mustard. Go on an outing along the Cajun Boudin Trail for the absolute best food in Lafayette or on the other hand in case you’re nearby in October don’t miss the renowned Boudin Cookoff.


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