Guinea Pig

At the point when you consider guinea pigs, you may consider little critters that make the ideal family pet. In any case, in nations like Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, guinea pigs (or cuy in Spanish) is commonplace meat utilized for utilization. This training began in the Andes Mountains, where guinea pigs were utilized as domesticated animals.

Bringing guinea pigs up in huge numbers requires just low support permitting the Andean occupants to have a solid wellspring of meat. The utilization of guinea pig tackles the issue of expecting to refrigerate or save your meat.

Peru is perhaps the best spot to go to if you might want to attempt cuy, where they are as yet raised to be devoured. As a steady piece of Peruvian cooking, cuy can be handily found in urban communities situated at high rises like Cusco.

Commonly you will see them cooked in one of three ways – barbecued, singed, or simmered. Many contrast the flavor of cuy with the flavor of bunny, however like all meat, the flavoring has a significant influence on the flavor of the dish.

It is certainly worth an attempt when you visit Peru, yet don’t have elevated standards. Contrasted with other normal meats utilized like chicken or hamburger, cuy has next to no meat in the examination.

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