Colzido Das Furnas

São Miguel is the biggest and most volcanically dynamic island in the Azores. One of the fundamental attractions is visiting Furnas to notice the geothermal natural aquifers, which serve as an uncommon outside kitchen. While bubbling water and mud emit from the beginning, lunch, Colzido das Furnas, is stewing underneath the surface.

Colzido das Furnas is a generous conventional Portuguese dish produced using different meats and vegetables.

Weighty pots layered with pork, meat, chicken, cabbage, kale, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, chorizo, and blood pudding are covered underground and slow-cooked for five hours in the steam of these underground volcanic vents. The main fluid that is utilized comes from the juices delivered by the fixings.

Albeit most places in the town of Furnas serve it, probably the best spot to attempt Colzido das Furnas is at the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, which serves an appetizing translation of this conventional Azorean dish.

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